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Directions to Mowgli Guest house and Restaurant

Directions for Mowgli Guesthouse and Location.

Hampi is located in south India, about 350km NW of Bangalore, in the state of Karnataka.

Hampi can be accessed from two big cities with international airports: Mumbai/Bombay and Bangalore, both located in South India. From thes two cities, Hampi can be reached by bus, train or taxi. The most comfortable, fast, but also most expensive option, is the taxi. The journey from Bangalore to Hampi in a hired jeep takes approx 8.5 hours.

From Goa you can take a taxi to Hampi and it is a scenic drive. Make note that after Hubli, you go to Gadag and on to Koppal. After Kopal you find a hotel named Simla dhaba en shortly after that hotel you will find the Anegundi, Gangawati road. This road will lead you to Sanapur and then you will after 3 kilometers the old bridge. Turn of the road, cross the river and up the dirt road you will find the Mowgli Guesthouse after 0,5 kilometer

Trains are a comfortable option. From Mumbai and Bangalore is is possible to get to Hospet, the main railway station for Hampi by nighttrains. India rail provides you with three classes of travel.The cheapest option is a second class sleeper (try and ge tan upper berth), and there are also two classes of airconditioned sleeper berths. The AC classes are more expensive but also more comfortable and more quiet at night.

From Goa, Madgaon raiway station, there is a day train which will take seven hours to reach Hospet. It is a beautiful journey through the mountains with waterfalls and great scenery. The train leaves Madgaon, on most days, at eight o’clock in the morning.

In Hospet expect many rickshaw drivers waiting to take you to Hampi ( it should cost no more than 100 – 150 rupees for the 15 kilometer journey). But you can also take the bus from the busstation, less than 1 kilometer or a 10 – 20 rupee rickshaw ride away from the train station. The bus will cost 10 rupees and will take you to the bus station in Hampi.
From the busstation in Hampi you will have to walk through the main bazaar leading up to the Virupaksha temple. Just before the entrance to the temple you must take the road to your right and follow this road to the river, walk along the river overlooking the ghats untill the end where you can take the steps down to the river.
Here you must take the ferry boat, 10 rupees or 15 with luggage, and on the other side you will walk up and take the first road left and after 200 meters you are at Mowgli’s. The whole walk from the busstand to the ferry is no more than ten minutes.

Map of the Karnataka state in SW India.

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